What is coaching?

Coaching is a counseling method that helps to formulate and achieve goals set by the client in both professional and personal life. Coaching is not a therapy. Unlike therapy, coaching is not aimed at pains in the past, but rather at goals in the future. The task of coaching is to help the client clarify his goals, identify obstacles, develop an action plan aimed at the desired results that will bring him or her success in any area of ​​life. So coaching gives you clarity in what you want, why you want it and how to get it in the most effective way for you, thereby helping you to take control of your life.

In which areas of my life can coaching help me?

Coaching helps find answers to any question, from personal life to situations in business. Here are examples::

  • How can I overcome fears and achieve my goals?
  • How can I find a better paid job?
  • How can I improve relations with the colleague or my boss?
  • How can I find a balance between work, family and friends?
  • What is the best for me solution in this difficult situation?
  • How can I start my own business?
  • How can I find a lifetime partner?
  • How can I be happier / more satisfied with my life?
  • Where can I find more time to do what I love doing?

and many others.

Who is a life coach?

Life coach is a professional who helps you to formulate and achieve goals in life. Life coach is not a psychotherapist, but rather a personal coach. Defining your goals is for many one of the most difficult things. People feel dissatisfaction with some aspect of their lives, but they often do not know or doubt which direction to take and what the first step should be. I will help you understand your dreams or desires and transform them into real goals. In a sense, I will help you to connect what your head says with what your heart says to find agreement between them, and this will empower you in achieving your goals.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

It depends on the scale of the question with which you contact me. If this is a more situational inquiry, one or two consultations are enough. If this is a transformational issue, where it is necessary either to acquire new skills, or to create and implement a strategic plan, this may require at least 4 or 5 coaching sessions. The first coach session is free.

How long is one coaching session?

Most sessions last about an hour. In order to achieve better results we might agree to communicate between sessions in a convenient for you way, for example by e-mail, WhatsApp or phone.

What does the first (free) session include?

The first consultation is introductory. You and I clarify your question, ways to solve it, and how I can help you with. As well as success criteria and terms for our cooperation. This session takes around 30 minutes. We can meet in person or via any messenger.

What is training?

A training is the process of learning certain skills and competencies through practical exercises. Training aims to acquire specific skills in order to achieve certain results. A training is usually conducted in a group.

Who is a trainer?

The trainer is an expert in a particular area, who uses various practical exercises that help participants to master various skills and competencies. I do not lecture. At the training, due to my personal rich experience in sales, I give examples, I give exercises, I look at how they excel, if needed I correct them and give other exercises so that the participants master new skills successfully.

What kind of training can there be?

Any training aimed at mastering one or the other skills and competencies. The key to the successful training is the professionalism of the coach, his expertise in this area (unfortunately, there are many trainers who know how to train, but are not experts in the field they try to train). I have specialized in conducting sales and service trainings for 14 years, with a much more extensive personal experience in sales. More on page ABOUT ME.

How long is the training?

On average effective sales training lasts for three days. More specifically, this issue is worked out together with the client, taking into account the difference between the present and the desired level of professionalism of the participants, as well as the time and other resources of the organization.

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants in the training?

Based on many years of my experience for the training to have maximum efficiency, the minimum number is preferably not less than 6 people, and the maximum not more than 30.

What to begin with?

From a chat with me! For details go here.

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