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Today the question is not whether to train staff or not but rather how to train staff within the shortest possible time and at minimal cost in order to get tangible results as soon as possible. It has long been known that it costs the organization more not to train staff than to train it. Quite often, the success of marketing activities is negated by incompetent work of sales personnel. A company can spend huge amounts of money on advertising, but a potential buyer will become real only for two reasons, when a sales person is effective, or the buyer really needs a product or service, despite the incompetency of sales personnel. In the latter case most probably he will never return.

Excellent goods or services can sell poorly in non-professional hands, while mediocre goods and services can be sold out like hot cakes thanks to an excellent sales team.

My over 15-year experience in sales and sales training helps conduct highly effective online and offline sales training aimed at developing the sales skills required for client acquisition, retention, sales and maintaining customer relationships. My coaching and Enneagram practice enriches the training processes and increases their efficiency.


Effective training benefits:

  • Practical skills and effective sales techniques and as a result increased self-confidence
  • Recognition of the individuality of each client and an individual approach
  • Ability to work in stressful situations, with complex clients
  • Motivation and creativity growth

Pledge of success of my trainings:

  • individual adjustment of trainings based on the organization, its situation, goals and objectives
  • constant improvement of my trainings based on latest research and market developments
  • many years of practical experience in sales (one of my clients gave me the status of the goddess of sales 🙂 )and in conducting trainings


(Not everything that is successful is difficult)


We will discuss your wishes and goals. In order for any training to be most efficient it is important for me to assess the complete picture of the situation.



At the meeting we will discuss your goals, tasks and resources in detail. Depending on the size of the organization and your goals several meeting might be needed.


We will develop and finalize the action plan, its calendar and budget.



According to the plan I will conduct one or several trainings and coaching sessions.


We will recap the tasks, set goals and assess the results. My success is the achieved goals of the client.


what people say about my training:

New sales consultants acquire a profound understanding of their competencies on the trading floor. The ability to hear and delve into customer needs. Psychologically, they “adapt” even to the most “difficult” and capricious customers. Thanks to the close cooperation at the training, new sales consultants better build relationships in the trading hall, react to the working moments faster and more accurately, “feel” each other, mutual assistance occurs without further ado, literally by looks and signs (we have long distances in a boutique). There is a more complete understanding of the cause-effect relationships at work, the reaction improves not only in a particular situation but also the ability to properly plan their future actions, which leads to more efficient work of sales assistants. They have less fuss, they manage to work with 2-3 clients at the same time (with a large flow of customers: season of discounts, a new collection, etc.). After the training, there is a clear overall elation in work, an intense desire to put the gained knowledge into practice. New sales assistants work enthusiastically with customers of the boutique, develop their own individual style, are inspired by the realization that they are reaching a new level of professionalism, they acquire new customers for the boutique, who then become regulars. The awareness of new sales assistants of their actions at work increases many times, and, as a result, they quickly integrate into the team, with clarity, speed and apparent effectiveness of their actions and all that causes the well-deserved respect of the experienced “veterans” of our team. The result of the training is a great team of sales assistants, that enables to achieve impressive results. With respect and gratitude,

Victoria Sokolovskaya

I liked the training very much, it was definitely useful and brought a lot of new things:

  1. Real sales tools for selling to different types of clients. Not just general words about, for instance, introverted clients and VIP clients, but very specific phrases, approaches;
  2. Very significant and positive is that Natalia inspired the sales staff with many years of experience to change not very efficient habitual methods of their work, and that the guys realized and acknowledged the importance of new sales habits practice in breaking old unproductive techniques formed for years
  3. A lot of attention was given to practicing presentation blocks, writing and speaking in dialogues, thus their presentation skills were improved.
  4. A lot of attention was paid to the psychological mindset of the sales assistants at work and the explanation of decisive nuances that arise when working with people. The reaction of the participants made it clear that they were very interested and that they would use the information at work and in life.
  5. Natalia has instantly created a rapport with the participants, despite their extensive experience, previous trainings and initially skeptical attitude: ” well, another chewing gum to chew” – at the 1st session they realized that they would be interested that the information would be new and usefull, clearly felt professionalism and clear focus on high-end retail.

With respect and in anticipation of new meetings,

Nadezhda Zakharchenko

During three days of training, we discussed how to be effective at every stage of sales. We discussed the types and stages of sales, types of customers. We learned to confidently and convincingly communicate with the client, bypass slippery topics and direct the conversation in the right direction. We discussed the methods and techniques of effective rapport. We shared our experience and learned new techniques and methods to effectively identify customer needs. Natalia shared with us the art of asking questions and the key rules of persuasion and argumentation that increase sales. We analyzed the techniques of active listening. We worked out types of objections, practiced transformation of objections into benefits. We discussed the methods and techniques to help make a decision. We learned the secrets of how to be a professional, not dependent on own mood. Our team received a lot of useful information, and we hope that we will be able to successfully put it all in practice! And by combining this knowledge with the experience and personality of each, we will be able to develop our own style, which our regular customers will appreciate!

Tatiana Savchenko
Positive Feedback

To be honest, we all came skeptical after sales training with one Moscow guru. And compared to the training of the “guru”, Natalia’s training turned out to be very valuable in terms of the practicality of applying everything that was discussed, and most importantly, tried out right there. One feels the rich personal experience of Natalia’s sales, which she shares with generosity. I also liked the consistency and logic of the material – everything was easily perceived.

Kirill Vasilevsky

Everything comes in time! The teacher shows up when the student is ready! I am still armed with your phrase: “Right now something threatens you?” when dealing with my doubts, uncertainties and fears. After all, sales are a whole series of philosophical conversations flowing smoothly into a purchase. Our customers buy things through pleasant process of communication! And of course, your ease and positivity shared with participants remained in part in the participants.

Irina Shevchuk

Natalie gave information that is not taught in universities, nor written in books. Therefore, it was especially useful to me. I liked Natalie’s openness, an interesting form of presentation, her readiness to always answer a question, and the comprehensive information.
I would like to take part in her training again.

Alena Gigiris

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