The Enneagram is a modern scientific psychoanalytic diagnostic system that has its roots in ancient spiritual wisdom. The Enneagram allows us to understand our deepest motivation, our basic unconscious beliefs, which subconsciously stimulate and motivate us to act in a certain way, on which our life strategy is built. The Enneagram explains nine different archetypes, describing in detail each of them, what people think, feel in relation to the world, others and themselves and how they act. Enneagram is much more than a collection of personal qualities. Defining one’s type gives an understanding of one’s main motives, defense mechanisms and fears, which often lie in the unconscious layers of our personality. It can also be explained as a type of psychological armor.

Another fundamental distinction of the Enneagram is the perception of the personality in the dynamics depending on situations, from comfort to stress, as well as depending on the level of personal development. Unlike other typologies, the Enneagram not only describes the personality patterns, but also shows the shortest path to liberation from unhealthy behavioral patterns, to self-knowledge and development.

In addition, the Enneagram gives a deep understanding of other people, as well as groups.

Positive Feedback

The Enneagram has been very useful for me personally, as it allowed me to discover more deeply the behaviors, which I had never even been aware of before. When you are not aware of something, you become a hostage to some extent, and this is certainly not what I like. So I’m very grateful to Natasha for introducing me to the Enneagram and helping me to understand that it’s not always useful to follow the same behavioral pattern! Now I’m looking forward to discovering my new opportunities! With help of Natasha.

Anna Zakharchenko

Benefits Of Applying Enneagram


  • Gives a profound understanding of oneself, own inner motivation
  • Makes one aware of the main limiting beliefs and emotional reactions
  • Provides a basis for understanding of both useful and unhealthy behavioral patterns
  • Unveils the shortest individual growth path and stimulates self-development
  • Provides a deeper understanding of other people and as a result enables to interact with others more successfully
  • Increases productivity and inner motivation
  • Helps to develop emotional competence
  • Helps to improve leadership skills and self-confidence
  • Enhances level of life satisfaction


  • Reduces criticism and judgments in the team, developing understanding and tolerance
  • Provides more effective corporate communication and understanding of team conflicts
  • Increases the productivity of both individual employees and the team as a whole
  • Reduces conflicts, both open and hidden
  • Improves change management and reduces employees’ fear of change
  • Favors the growth of organizational creativity through greater personal integration
  • Creates organizational integrity
  • Helps to unlock employees’ potential
  • Plays a role in positive change in organizational culture

If you, like many others today are asking these questions, you probably know that the answers to them are not so easy to find in a modern information flow, often confusing and contradictory. Whether it is satisfaction with one’s career or personal life, it’s often difficult for us to understand whether we make the right choice.

The comprehensive approach of the Enneagram gives an extensive understanding of subconscious motives, beliefs, defenses and habitual behaviors that lead us to getting stuck and, as a result, reduce your life arsenal.

Discover a powerful tool for self-awareness, understanding and growth.


  • Awareness of your deep motivation
  • Identification of unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior
  • Understanding your strengths and, as a result, increased self-confidence
  • Harmonization through the integration of the mental center (thinking), emotional center (feelings and emotions) and body center (action, intuition)
  • Developing empathy for oneself and others by understanding oneself and others
  • Clarity of the vision of the shortest path for growth, development
  • Understanding the causes of stress and more efficient stress management
  • Inner motivation boost
  • Improving mutual understanding with colleagues, friends and family
  • Increased job and career satisfaction
  • Conducing leadership skills and career development

   THE MOST IMPORTANT benefit that the Enneagram gives is FREEDOM.

Metaphorically, our behavioral patterns can be compared to protective armor, which we unconsciously put on in our early childhood, because at that time it was the only way for us to survive. Growing up, we have got used to our armor, that we no longer notice, mistakenly believing that it is who we are. Awareness of our behavioral and emotional patterns, and, most importantly, why they arise and repeat again and again is already a breakthrough towards liberation from them in all areas of life: at work, at home, with friends and family.


You can do it yourself by reading books on Enneagram, with a detailed description, you can take the online test (2 most recommended and accurate today are here and here) and yet the most accurate opinion you can get with help of a coaching session with an Enneagram expert.


Positive Feedback

Natalia helped me to determine my personality type according to the Enneagram. In the course of a rather general conversation, Natalia began asking quite specific questions, and at some point I realized that they were becoming more and more accurate about me. The result came shortly.

Knowledge of my type helped me to understand my behavior and my reactions in certain situations. I would like to add that the knowledge of oneself and one’s own sources of strength and energy is priceless. What I unconsciously lived with all my life, finally came to the light. But just knowing is not enough. Natalia helped me to understand what to do with all this new knowledge about myself, what to fight, and what is really worth making friends with.

Dima Pogrebitsky

Marco Concas


Ho avuto modo, durante la mia prima sessione introduttiva come nelle successive, di avere una conferma su ciò che sentivo di essere e ho esplorato altri aspetti di me stesso che non conoscevo, sentendomi incuriosito a continuare. Mi è stato utile e lo è tutt’ora per imparare ad esprimermi meglio nei rapporti interpersonali e con il mondo esterno in genere.

Un’esperienza che considero in totale evoluzione che mi accompagnerà ancora per molti anni a venire.

Dopo l’ultima sessione ho provato a riflettere su quanto mi è stato detto e ho tentato un approccio diverso nel rapporto con il mondo esterno, cambiando quei comportamenti che ritenevo immutabili e sforzandomi di porre me stesso all’esterno di certe situazioni per osservare le reazioni delle persone con le quali avevo a che fare.

Ho notato dei cambiamenti sostanziali e credo che ce ne saranno altri.




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