Business Trainer Natalie

If you feel unsatisfied, stuck, or confused, if any issues in your life cause tension, I will help you to understand, to gain clarity, to formulate goals and objectives, to eliminate obstacles on the way, and to approach their implementation with enthusiasm and responsibility. The rapidly growing popularity of coaching is not accidental, because it is an opportunity to achieve what you want faster, easier and more efficiently.

I like to help people comprehend the uniqueness and value of their life path and contribute to the realization of their full potential. As a certified coach, using various coaching tools and techniques, I will help you understand your true desires, achieve your goals in accordance with them, so that you can get to the point of life satisfaction as soon as possible.

Coaching helps you achieve various goals, both in personal life and in business, no matter whether they are situational, strategic, or transformational. Here are some of the areas that coaching can help to improve:


Health gives freedom, allows you to enjoy all the other benefits to the full


A thought-through financial strategy allows you to lead a fulfilled life now, and at the same time provide the future


For social beings that we are, healthy, enriching relationships are one of the most important sources of vital energy


The feeling of belonging, closeness gives us strength and inspiration


Today, a career is not only growth along the organizational hierarchy, it is also the degree of job satisfaction as we devote a third of our life to our work


Success is not a matter of luck, but the result of perseverance, striving for perfection, and also love for what we do

here are some of frequently asked questions:

  • How can I find a balance between work, family and friends?
  • How to increase my life satisfaction?
  • Which direction should I choose further in my life?
  • How do I find a better paid job?
  • What should I do to become more successful at work?
  • How can I improve my relationship with a colleague/boss?
  • Which decision should I take in this situation?

What people say about me


Natasha helped me a lot:
– to realize and accept reality
– to feel confident relying on my own abilities
– to get rid of unnecessary burden of the past
– to look differently at the past and present
– to change habits
– gave me a kick to the future
– understand that I can cope with everything.



I am very pleased with work with Natalia. She manages to create such an atmosphere, to ask such questions, that everything clears up at once. It is easy for me to make important decisions without any further regret.



Nlp exercise was the most useful thing. It allowed me to have some compassion and view the critical voice in a different light, realize its not all negative.
Natalie had an empathetic and non-judgmental delivery which is important for me to talk a bit freely.



what to begin with?

During our first session we will discuss your aspirations and what holds you back, and agree on the number and format of meetings. Thanks to modern technologies we can successfully collaborate no matter where you are.

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